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NEC SL1100 Solution UK

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Looking for a smaller Business Telephone System? The NEC Sl1100 has all the right features to suite your small business.


Panasonic Systems NS-1000

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Diverse and complex the Panasonic Business Telephone System is more desirable for larger businesses.


Convert to VoIP

Looking for a cheaper alternative to a conventional business telephone system? Change over to a VoIP business telephone system. VoIP offer a more flexible approach to making business calls.

Telephone System Software

Looking for a way to track your business calls? Looking for ways to improve your customer services? The NEC range of business telephone systems provides My-calls software.

Mobile Extensions

Have your mobile hooked up to your business telephone system and see the difference to your businesses costs today!

Business Telephone System Solutions UK

Looking for a new Business Telephone System? Looking to cut costs on your current Business Telephone System? Well, most business clients are, we provide an incredibly cheap solution to your business telephone systems - we can configure the right business telephone system that meets your needs. We deal closely with NEC and Panasonic to provide our clients with the latest and most advanced business telephone systems on the market.

Get the right Information

Speak to one of our professionals today, we can provide you with the information you need in order to get your business telephone system sorted. There are a variety of different option that you can choose from including the popular VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is very popular amongst the more large scale businesses whom have to make client to client phone calls on a daily basis. It sounds quite complicated but we can get you the information you need.

Why update your old Telephone System?

Cheaper costing
New features
Improves relationships
Handle calls more efficiently


The right Business Telephone Soltuions

Business Telephone Systems UK

Business Calls and Lines

Why are you paying so much for your Business Calls and Lines? We guarantee to save your business upto 40% on your current calls and line rental costs. Change and save today!

Customer Testimonials

  • Perfect solution to our Telephone System problem! We got in touch with theses guys through the internet and found them very effective and infomartive with the information that they provided to us.

    Ellen Mcdonald, Marketing Director Push Media
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